Date:May 03, 2016

ARJ Investments Ltd

ARJ Investments Ltd. was incorporated in 2002 with the primary objective of serving and supporting the diverse financial, investment and operational needs of the Family Office and venture capital activities. The office currently operate businesses and holds investments in startup companies including aircraft leasing, Jet fuel supply, hospitality industry, exportation & importation of automotive parts, truck transportation in Africa, real estate, stock market and care facilities in Canada and USA.

The venture capital office will continue to maximize its current holdings as well as make new investments. The primary investment is in Seven Four Eight Air Services (K) Limited (748), which provides chartered airline services in Africa.

ARJ Investments Ltd. primarily makes investments in companies within its sphere of expertise and relationship network. Many of its investments are synergistic in nature and a natural extension to its existing businesses.

In addition, ARJ Investments Ltd. fulfills its corporate social responsibility through the establishment of a Charity based in Isiolo, Kenya and Toronto, Canada.